KUSA1 World Cup Sep.17.2016

KUSA1 World Cup Sep.17.2016

We held the international game with the American team,Kusa1 World Cup in Tokyo Dome. .I deepened Japan-U.S. friendship through it.


  • To maintain interchange between Japan and US through sandlot baseball games
  • To send an earnest message that the expression of the happiness of the baseball be adopted again to the Olympic games


ScheduleSaturday, September 17, 2016
PlaceTokyo Dome


Play at the Plate(U.S.A.)10-3SUNS(Japan)

Opening Ceremony

Raising the National Flags and Singing the National Anthems

Player’s Oath

Prize Winners

Victory:Play at the Plate(U.S.A)

MVP:Tommy Gerber from Play at the Plate(U.S.A)

Excellent Player:Tsunekazu Goto from SUNS(Japan)

Party after the Game