Why the company was founded

When I was a young adult, I gave a baseball glove to a boy as a token of my gratitude to his parent. The boy became very dedicated to baseball and went for Koshien during his high school age and became a top level athlete at the prefectural game. His parents were very happy with his accomplishments. I was also very happy that a single glove I gave him changed his life and brought happiness to him and the people around. Because I wanted to share excitement with more people through baseball, I have established Amateur Baseball Ashinaga Foundation in December 24th, 2001.


As Japan is an advanced country of baseball, children have great environment to learn it. On the other hand, in the other Asian countries excluding Korea and Taiwan, the opportunities to play baseball and the availability of baseball equipments are near-total absence. To this end, Amateur Baseball Ashinaga Foundation is aiming to give opportunities to play baseball for the children from neighboring Asian countries.

EstablishmentDecember 24th, 2001
SecretariatI/Y Amateur Baseball 1 (KUSA1)
1-3-11-1904 Ootedori, chuou-ku, Osaka-City, 540-0021 Japan
RepresentativeYoshihiro YOSHIZAKI

Funds activity

Part of the registration fee for amateur baseball games go to the fund. We want to be a role model in fund raising activities for amateur baseball clubs, inspired by world level professional players who are participating in fundraising as contribution to society.

Collection, repair and donation of baseball equipments

We collect, repair and donate baseball equipments that are no longer needed. We also ask people to donate their baseball equipments so that we can repair and donate them to children in Asia.


We register and donate as annual fee for World Children’s Baseball Association. We donate to Zimbabwe Baseball Association.

Construction of stadium

We will help developing baseball popularity in Asia by building full-scale baseball fields. We have cooperated in the activities of Saigon South School Baseball Club, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2005.

Manner Improvement Campaign

Hoping that our future generations will love baseball as we do, we are trying to improve manners between baseball lovers. The purpose of Manner Improvement campaign is to develop manners between amateur baseball players and anyone who are involved in it.

KUSA1 Boys and Girls Opening Ceremony

Boys and girls, as the next generation of baseball players, will participate in opening ceremony ament.


We hold lectures to describe the activities of Amateur Baseball Ashinaga Foundation.
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